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Use Life’s Stepping Stones To Find Your Talents and Goals


   USE LIFE’S STEPPING STONES TO BUILD  UPON YOUR TALENTS AND GOALS BY RITA (RLA IMAGE RESOURCES) Division of       I love the creativity I have been blessed with. I began this blog today just thinking about my new and exciting venture of making (herbal) soaps. I’m loving it. I am still learning and seek […]

Are You Judging Or Being Judged?

Believe In Yourself






JudgingThe Struggle

Many writers struggle for titles, which is what I have experienced today in preparation for writing this blog. I am struggling a little with ‘the meat’ of what I shall write in this post. I have many thoughts and ideas. Are You Judging Or Being Judged? 

As you pass in front of the mirror, you stop…. and take a moment to look at the person looking back at you. Sometimes it’s a long look and other times, it’s just a glance. If you take time to visit with the image in the mirror, you may discover some new things. What you see in the mirror of yourself is the same that others see. When you see yourself in a mirror, it does permit you to make any changes that you question. Most importantly, believe in yourself, first and foremost. There are very special gifts that make you special in your own right. Do you know there could be many people who have the same gift you possess, but you may use yours very different then someone else.

Believe In Yourself because there is no other like you. You were born with special gifts that permit you to do something a little different than someone else. Think seriously about all the things you love to do. Find your place in this world. You are a special person like no other. It’s important to not judge yourself or be judged in a negative way. You have way too much positive attributes to contribute to this Big World. Find Your Gifts and Use Them.


Self Image Mask






Many Faces

How To Keep Revolving – People are not one dimensional, but of many dimensions. This is why we can (or attempt to) perform many things at one time. We sing and dance at the same time, or walk and talk and some people even talk while sleeping. They usually do not know anything about this, but there are deep conversations that may take place during this period of sleep. I do remember my Dad doing that, and he never remembered it. So, you see another dimension.

The more you become aware of these various points of interest about self, the better off you’ll be. You will be able to become more aware of things and conversations you’re having with others, as well as the body language that derives from these conversations. Body language is a whole new ball game when it comes to learning about yourself. You see, body language is a language all its own. It is truly silent, as it involves nonverbal communication. but the words spoken are through facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement, and so much more. We may do another blog at some point to actually describe how silent language is often spoken between two people, and the message is clear to them, but may have different meanings.

In business, especially when you go on an interview, your body language is so important. You need to be very conscious of any silent messages you deliver in any type of an interview and with people you do not know well. You could imply certain things you do not mean to suggest just through silent language. People can misconstrue what the silent verbal language means to them as opposed to what you really are conveying. Be very conscious of what your silent words convey in any environment when you’re actually not speaking aloud. Silent words can be misinterpreted very easily.

Clutter of the mind






Give Plenty of Thought

Have you surprised yourself in the way a situation worked out and created a benefit for you? Yes, I would say without hesitation, because it happens everyday to someone. These moments allow us to have a common value for one another as human beings. What are your values, your gifts? Not being one dimensional is great, because we hopefully try various things that help us to grow and learn in a careful way. However, when we are living with ‘many faces’, we don’t take the time to figure out who we really are and where we’re headed.

Give Plenty of Thought and think about how much energy you place in another person, place or thing as you go about using your discovery tools. That is important to do; putting others ahead of yourself at times shows a deep caring, however, you should keep aware of who you are and your the purpose and intentions. The only way to get to that point is to know yourself. Listen to your thoughts, your body as to right and wrong, and don’t be afraid to follow what it tells you is the right way. Be strong in your value system. If your mind says something isn’t right or good for you, you may just want to question the situation before jumping into it. Your mind and body will not fail you, instead it informs you in strong fashion. Don’t create a issue for yourself, rather look for the positive resolution to any situation. And, don’t get tied up in if you are judging or being judged. The best thing you can do is….what is going to be right for you with no regrets.

Believe in yourself first and then you believe in others. It means that you will not wonder …. Are You Judging Or Being Judged?













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My life altering moments happen many times as I move along the road of life. It happens daily through prayer ,  conversations with others, reading books, papers and/or magazines; It happens, and there is nothing I can do to change it. Nor, do I want to change it.  It is based on the interactions I […]

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