Are You Judging Or Being Judged?

Believe In Yourself






JudgingThe Struggle

Many writers struggle for titles, which is what I have experienced today in preparation for writing this blog. I am struggling a little with ‘the meat’ of what I shall write in this post. I have many thoughts and ideas. Are You Judging Or Being Judged? 

As you pass in front of the mirror, you stop…. and take a moment to look at the person looking back at you. Sometimes it’s a long look and other times, it’s just a glance. If you take time to visit with the image in the mirror, you may discover some new things. What you see in the mirror of yourself is the same that others see. When you see yourself in a mirror, it does permit you to make any changes that you question. Most importantly, believe in yourself, first and foremost. There are very special gifts that make you special in your own right. Do you know there could be many people who have the same gift you possess, but you may use yours very different then someone else.

Believe In Yourself because there is no other like you. You were born with special gifts that permit you to do something a little different than someone else. Think seriously about all the things you love to do. Find your place in this world. You are a special person like no other. It’s important to not judge yourself or be judged in a negative way. You have way too much positive attributes to contribute to this Big World. Find Your Gifts and Use Them.


Self Image Mask






Many Faces

How To Keep Revolving – People are not one dimensional, but of many dimensions. This is why we can (or attempt to) perform many things at one time. We sing and dance at the same time, or walk and talk and some people even talk while sleeping. They usually do not know anything about this, but there are deep conversations that may take place during this period of sleep. I do remember my Dad doing that, and he never remembered it. So, you see another dimension.

The more you become aware of these various points of interest about self, the better off you’ll be. You will be able to become more aware of things and conversations you’re having with others, as well as the body language that derives from these conversations. Body language is a whole new ball game when it comes to learning about yourself. You see, body language is a language all its own. It is truly silent, as it involves nonverbal communication. but the words spoken are through facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement, and so much more. We may do another blog at some point to actually describe how silent language is often spoken between two people, and the message is clear to them, but may have different meanings.

In business, especially when you go on an interview, your body language is so important. You need to be very conscious of any silent messages you deliver in any type of an interview and with people you do not know well. You could imply certain things you do not mean to suggest just through silent language. People can misconstrue what the silent verbal language means to them as opposed to what you really are conveying. Be very conscious of what your silent words convey in any environment when you’re actually not speaking aloud. Silent words can be misinterpreted very easily.

Clutter of the mind






Give Plenty of Thought

Have you surprised yourself in the way a situation worked out and created a benefit for you? Yes, I would say without hesitation, because it happens everyday to someone. These moments allow us to have a common value for one another as human beings. What are your values, your gifts? Not being one dimensional is great, because we hopefully try various things that help us to grow and learn in a careful way. However, when we are living with ‘many faces’, we don’t take the time to figure out who we really are and where we’re headed.

Give Plenty of Thought and think about how much energy you place in another person, place or thing as you go about using your discovery tools. That is important to do; putting others ahead of yourself at times shows a deep caring, however, you should keep aware of who you are and your the purpose and intentions. The only way to get to that point is to know yourself. Listen to your thoughts, your body as to right and wrong, and don’t be afraid to follow what it tells you is the right way. Be strong in your value system. If your mind says something isn’t right or good for you, you may just want to question the situation before jumping into it. Your mind and body will not fail you, instead it informs you in strong fashion. Don’t create a issue for yourself, rather look for the positive resolution to any situation. And, don’t get tied up in if you are judging or being judged. The best thing you can do is….what is going to be right for you with no regrets.

Believe in yourself first and then you believe in others. It means that you will not wonder …. Are You Judging Or Being Judged?














Live to Eat OR Eat to Live? What is Your preference?

Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting kitchenFood, we cannot survive without it. What we eat can have a GIANT effect on our whole self. The way we feel, think and act as a lot to do with the food we intake, and how it works on our body, mind and spirit. Some foods (we may love to eat) will not always agree with us, be the best for us and can be the cause of many maladies we experience on a daily basis. All foods do not agree with our bodies due to the chemicals sprayed on food to (supposedly) keep it fresh.                                  


 Eating is mandatory. Do you agree? We Live to Eat and Eat to Live.





Is your tummy calling you to take in some good eating?


Meat Patties - PattiesPure-Ella_-Ella-Leche-Cucumber-Rolls-with-avocado-vegan-and-gluten-free-photo-recipe1 Asian Salmon-Brocolli-Cheese & Potatoes Au Gratin

1.  Beef Patties

2.  Cucumber Rolls

3. Salmon w/broccoli and potatoes au gratin




30 minutes – Lamb Dish

Lamb, Pasta and Feta Cheese

Pasta with Lamb and Feta Cheese – Found in Better Home & Gardens Cookbook… What’s For Dinner?

12 oz. bonesless lean leg of lamb or beef sirloin steak

1 tablespoon olive oil or cooking oil

1 lg. onion, cut into wedges

1 tsp bottled minced garlic or 2 cloves garlic, minced

1 – 6oz.can tomato paste

1/2 cup tomato juice

1/2 cup water

1/4 cup cider vinegar or red wine vinegar

1 teaspoon dried oregano, crushed

1/2 teaspoon ground cumin

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 med zucchini, halved lengthwise and sliced (1-1/4 cups)

Hot cooked orzo or other pasta

Crumbled feta cheese

Chopped walnuts or snipped fresh parsley (optional)

Trim any separable fat from meat. Thinly slice meat across the greain into bite-size pieces. Heat oil in a 10 in skillet; stir-fry meat for 2 to 3 minutes or till no pink remains. Remove meat from skillet. Add onion & garlic to skillet; stir-fry for 1 minute. Stir in tomato paste, tomato juice, water, vinegar, oregano, cumin, and cinnamon. Add zucchini; bring to boiling. Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 5 minutes or till zucchini is tender. Return meat to skillet; heat through. Serve over over hot cooked orzo or other pasta; sprinkle with feta cheese and, if desired, walnuts or parsley. Makes 4 servings (30 Minutes Lamb from Better Homes and Gardens - WHAT’S FOR DINNER?)














The Complicated Us…has…Our Image Talking

complicated signsComplicated things can be pretty tricky to navigate and complicated people may be unexplainable and intriguing at the same time. This is true, believe it or not.

I haven’t written my blog in about a week. I really needed a break, and up to this time, I couldn’t get my thoughts going as I wanted them to be. Sometimes, I discovered I get writer’s block. I never knew what that was until I am prepared to write and nothing comes for me to put on the paper. At times, I would have a topic in mind,  ready to begin to build on it, and suddenly lose my thoughts and words. I am left with a question of what to write about. My blogs are about home and image (meshing both together) or separately. Often, there is a great blend and not much separation.


Forget name imagesThis communication is to grow relationships and conversations. Communication is vital to building relationships and understanding the message that is given out.  I continue on until the words and the ability to place them on paper starts to flow. I am then a happy person. My topics are written to provide a positive approach to  home and lifestyle issues. I really enjoy writing this blog, and I am interested in helping people discover their silent language and the messages they relay to others. The messages are based on how individuals communicate and interact with each other.

Example: You see the same person every day at work, or perhaps while dropping your children at school, or a weekly meeting you attend. Each and every time you see this person you have a opinion about them. Yet, you’ve had no communication or very little with this person. It doesn’t take conversation(s) to have an opinion of someone. Why, because we do have opinions of people we talk with all the time, those we have never met, and others that we see from afar. This comes even when you’re not talking to one another. That first contact takes about 60 sections or less to be formed. Funny though, because it happens each time and every time it’s a different reaction or thought based on a look, manner of dress and speaking voice. It is a slow acceptance of the person or a non-acceptance based on the external look of the person, as you have had no conversation with them.

We all do it to one another.

9118 015This language I call Silent Talk or Silent Language. Little children probably don’t deal with silent language as much as when they start getting into adolescence (my opinion). They take people and things at face value. They don’t have a preconceived notion about who they see or meet, nor the place they may be visiting. All they know is they hope to have fun. This is not complicated…is it? We, as adults make things much more complicated than it needs to be, and it begins often before we set our sights on a person, place or thing. Our opinions are already formed. It becomes complicated, simply because you have to undue your thinking as it is to see the bigger picture of the whole experience. It is what it is. Children do not try to make it more or less then what they see and/or hear. As they get older this is when the analyzing comes into play. They are wonderful and don’t judge one another (yet).

Silent Talk and Silent Language is the way people respond to one another. We make decisions of others based on what people own, they way they speak, their home and lifestyle and even the food they prefer and where they shop. Often times and most, it’s done without true and complete knowledge of who that person really is. And, even when we know that person, we pre-judge every time. It never stops.

HouseNow, as we speak about this Silent Language, we bring it to the homefront. When you meet someone for the first time it takes approximately 60 seconds to figure out who they are, where they live, do they own a house or rent an apartment, do they work, make a good salary, have children, a husband and if not married a boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. This is true. The mind just jumps into gear and takes off. This occurs when we do not get to talk to a person at length. We are often times surprised at the information received. Why? Because we  (think) we have figured out a lot about this person. Where they live, do they have a big or small house or apartment, their work situation, children, husband or wife. When you haven’t time to actually meet this person(s) you may quality or disqualify   before you qualify any of the information. This is what your head knowledge tells you is the story, and you’re sticking to it (funny) until they tell you different.


You may even decide to establish in your mind what they do for a living, how much money they make (by the way they dress), etc. This could be a big mistake because you may be way off base. Silent Talk or Silent Language doesn’t leave anyone out. It happens to all of us at various times. Sometimes people make these determinations on us and sometimes we do it to others. People don’t plan it, but it takes place each and every time. It is very important to me that I make people aware of what, I believe, is something we fail at terribly. We should define our own self and not be concerned If/when others try to identify or shape us in the way they wish to see us. Be who you are and know who you are.  First thing is to recognize and learn about ourselves rather then concentrating on others. We will not uncomplicate some of the things in our life and lifestyle until we focus on our personal self first. It is about how you like yourself, feel about yourself and forgive yourself for thinking that you should live up to others standards.

Often times, unless it’s just a quick blog, it takes me awhile to get deep into my subject. I love writing and being able to expand on my thoughts. I also love to work with people on helping them build their image where it becomes recognizable to them.

Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting Creativity What are your core values? Simply put, do you use them in your home and lifestyle, your day-day actions and communication with others?

Why have I decided to write this blog? Well, first off, this was difficult because core values are involved. What are core values? They are those values which you live by, believe in and expect others to abide by in your presence. They are the basis of who you are, what you believe, and how you apply your core beliefs. Everyone wants to grow and live as they can, and certain rules and laws allow for this,however, it doesn’t mean that it’s right (or wrong). What core values do you live by?



Accentuate Home Styling and ConsultingThink about this. Every single person is complicated to some degree, and even when you think you know them, you are learning new things about one another. It’s just the complex and complicated people we are and the way we were created. Care about your fellow person, man or woman, boy or girl. We all count and are important just by fact that we are here. We contribute as we should for everyone has something to contribute. Don’t waste your life by not seeking out what your gifts are to share with the world (if possible). You are important and have an image which will be judged by others unless you declare who you are first and let everyone know. Your home (place where you reside and pay rent or mortgage) is a part of you. It holds within its walls the declaration of you as a human being, who is smart and has been blessed with great gifts. You are important and so is your image, for it’s the Silent part of you. Unless you speak you leave the silent message in tact for what you want others to perceive about you. Don’t allow others to judge you or place you in a space you do not belong. Declare who you are and be proud. Don’t shape yourself to compete with anyone else. You are unique and your own person.

Our image is so important in many ways. Do not neglect yourself. RLA Image Resources is a part of Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting. We will share this information in a fun way at businesses, colleges and small groups. Contact us and Thank you. Rita –








When you work or move to accomplish something that adds to your life/lifestyle, and it works favorably that is an Achievement.





“There are single thoughts that contain the essence of a whole volume, single sentences that have the beauties of a large work”. – Joseph Joubert


We achieve to the degree that we overcome the negative. Achievers are willing to pay the price of achievement. They sacrifice, struggle, work & perhaps alone, weary, and discouraged, and yet at each step overcome the negative.

Overcoming the negative is the price of achievement – the price of greatness.

No Pains, No Gains – proverb quoted by Samuel Smiles -

What does this mean to you? To me, this quote means that those things that I strive to do, to learn, and to build life on will cause me some pain at times. It isn’t going to always be an easy walk to achievement. You and I must learn that the road to Achievement is, at times. an uphill battle. I must remember to not throw in the towel and to look ahead to the Win. Rita A.


Your One & Only…First Impression..

Personal and Home Image exists…big time!. How many times do you get to make a first impression? Your thoughts and mine may differ on this topic, but I truly feel that you only get ONE Time. After that, it’s working to repair what you’ve suddenly discovered may not have been the best first impression you wanted to put forth. You cannot worry about what other’s are saying, but you have an obligation to put your best foot forward and receive the results you are looking for.

9118 015Being small means having to learn, grow and be dependent on others for guidance. Growing up is very challenging at times. Don’t you agree?

When you were small, you didn’t think a lot about the importance and necessity of how you would get through each day. You left that up to the ‘big people’. Let them worry and contemplate your day. Your obligation, for the most part,  was to play, learn to get along and work out differences with others (and sometimes yourself :)  Playing, eating and having fun was the main course of the day. If there were issues, you perhaps were shielded from that concern. If you did know, you were instructed not to worry about anything. Be a child, and do as children do. You weren’t to worry about ‘big people stuff’; that is if you were lucky.

There were children at school that I would see as a small child that I knew had ‘something wrong’ in their life. I didn’t know what it was, and as we played together it was all about the ‘game’ and how to win. Did your life center around what to play, who to play with and how long you were challenged to play any one thing too long. Even if you’re growing up years were different, I’m certain as a small child the experiences were similar. Children around the world seek the same things as they grow. The outcome may be different due to customs and laws, but children are children. They need lots of positive guidance and love to encourage them. DOES YOUR IMAGE MATTER?


Forget name imagesSo, we’ll graduate to another level, and that is a young lady or young man that has left the ‘little children’ stage in life to the very sophisticated person who has many ideas and challenges to take on. After all, you are almost an adult. This means you need to take on some responsibilities destined in your life. Of course, completing high school and college (in this day, they go hand-hand), is mandatory. Then, there are different issues as you come into your teens. What a confusing time, at best. Friends who were ’friends yesterday’ seem not-so-friendly today. What happen? Who did what to who, and who said what to hurt some feelings? Wow, you’re finding yourself and your place in this world. How will you react to this change that is digging deep inside your private space, and that you are probably not liking very much.

Young adults (going into college) now, or soon are exploring parts of them that they see changing. Some are great, because it means you are a semi-grown person (according to the Law), and you get to do some things you couldn’t do as a adolescent or very young teenager. But wait, you have to be 21 to really be classified as an adult. The more grown up you  become, the more responsibilities that come with that growth and territory. DOES YOUR IMAGE MATTER?

Yes, yes. It mattered all the time, but now It Really Matters. Protect Your Image!


Clutter of the mindYou are responsible for the image you carry around with you. You’ve always had that image, but perhaps, never paid much attention to it. But now, you are forced to give it some recognition. After all, you can do as you like (within the law) and make your own decisions. However, what does your image say about that? Is it giving out messages you want given out, or is It providing a silent message you don’t notice or recognize….but, others do. In fact, they noticed it way before you are ever conscious about this silent language.

Has it done damage? Once you recognize this as an issue, then it become easier to fix and be ready for whatever comes out by others. Never get caught about what others are reading regarding your silent language. People make up stuff, but at least you are aware of the message you given out. Now if someone decides to say or react in a way that you knew wasn’t factual, because you checked out your whole body language before they did. You acted just as you wanted them to remember you. It’s you determination. You set your standards and the silent language you’ll speak behind your real voice. Your mouth speaks one thing, but your whole body attitude could be saying something opposite and very different.


HouseYour Home has it’s own story also, and people also form opinions about you by the silent message your home speaks. Much can be said about this, and it reflects back to you or whoever lives in the home. You know how you can see a house that may not look very nice on the outside, and without knowing, you’ve judged what it looks like inside and about the people who live there.

We all do this. It not being mean or anything, unless you purposely say something to the person residing there without knowing anything about them or their home. What is the definition of image? It is unspoken mannerism or habit…….

I provide seminars and speak to groups about home and personal image…the silent kind. If your business or small group are seeking someone to speak on this topic, please contact me. This is something I did several years ago and then got into interior decorating. I love to help people see something about their home or themselves that they didn’t know or realize. But, others do! The message jumps out immediately to someone visiting or meeting you for the first time.


I have provided seminars on Projecting a Positive Image to businesses and schools. It mattered a lot then and still matters, although things were a little more formal back then. There is less formality and more encouragement to be casual at this time. However,  image still holds a positive or negative result as being judged by others. During my time, people dressed up to go to work. I lived in New York at the time, rode the buses and trains where people were dressed up. You couldn’t leave for work and take that train ride to Manhattan without wearing heels, purse, makeup, and hair combed for the ladies. Men, wore their suits with starched shirts with handkerchief in the pocket to give the suit a purpose.  Yes, you probably are reading this and have reached Adulthood. You’re in …. you’ve made it! You are Now responsible for your whole life. Pay attention to the silent message You May Receive from time to time.

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Hold On To What You Got…It’s A Diamond!








Here is your diamond….in the rough! No one ever said it “Had” to fit around your finger. Find your style and colors, renew what you have. Just do it different.


Promise yourself that you will not decorate and do exactly the same thing that you’ve just removed. Think outside of your big box for some great, new ideas. Hold On To What You’ve Got until it’s exactly the right time to relinquish it in some other way. “Your home is your home until you decide to leave it.” You put all of yourself in it, and therefore, it holds a value that is equal to any great looking gem.


Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting is encouraging you to think outside of that ‘comfortable’ box. It’s the box we all find ourselves living in a great deal of the time. YOU are the diamond in the rough. You have so much to offer the world. Keep your diamond shining and keep motivated to keep yourself at the top of change. The more you learn, the more you see things change outside of the box.


We are happy to know that you follow Accentuate ( . We love being able to help you.

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How Edgy Are You In Your Personal Life?

Turquoise bluesSmall & stylish apartmentTurquoise RoomJust how edgy are you in your personal life? This question could probably speak House

about the many aspects in our life and style that make us who we are.

Love It! Colors…I cannot get enough, but within reason. I am edgy.

I love to try new looks for decorating.





I am the writer of this blog post. I am edgy and will add this to my home and lifestyle page. I hope you become inspired. COLORS……

I love colors so much. I cannot get enough of the use of them. Of course, I won’t overdue it in a room, but that may be something different for someone whose had a non-use of colors in their home space or style.  And, you know what, white makes all colors “pop, jump out, and make you smile” because it creates a great deference of its use inside of you; a happy feeling. The space looks fantastic with the blend of colors.

What is your favorite color(s)? As much as I am enthralled with color(s), I also like black/white together. We are all inspired by colors in the positive and/or negative. It may be that some people  like to wear colors inspired through clothing, pictures & paintings, color wheels, some by the way walls, furniture and floors are put together. What is your way to appreciate colors? How do colors make you feel? Happy, sad or indifferent?

Allow yourself to be inspired. Don’t be afraid. I’ve talked with people who say they are scared of the use of color. In many cases they cannot foresee the use of the color(s) in their minds-eye. Don’t be afraid. Think of all the things that you were a little unsure of and now you can do it without a blink of an eye. Colors can be changed if you don’t like them (maybe, not the same day), but just the fact it can be changed. I would sample any color you’re not sure of before you paint an entire space. If it’s a wall, just place a sizeable paint brush swooch on the wall and live with it for a week or so. See it in all types of light; could be sunlight, cloudiness, nighttime and artificial lighting. Test it in the room where you intend to paint. Pick a small, unnoticed area on the wall, or on the furniture you’re painting, etc. You know what I’ve always done? I have always painted a swooch on the wall that will give me a good contrast. A little tiny splash will not do much to tell you how the paint color(s) will work. You’re going to paint anyway, so do the sampling so you can make a good decision.

All I will say is….HAPPY PAINTING!





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My life altering moments happen many times as I move along the road of life. It happens daily through prayer ,  conversations with others, reading books, papers and/or magazines; It happens, and there is nothing I can do to change it. Nor, do I want to change it.  It is based on the interactions I have every moment of every day. It’s God-driven (my opinion), and I’m happy about it. I leave it up to HIM, fore he knows the plans of my life. So, that being said, I ask you to take your journey into some of your life-altering moments. Think about those moments, times and experiences that changed you and shaped you into the person you are. The one thing I know is we can never lie to ourselves about who we are. Your brain demands you recall (even when you try to forget).

This is an early morning blog, and I woke up thinking about life-altering moments, and it’s not a surprise. God seems to do that to me a lot.  I had to write and it’s another part of who I am. None of us are one dimensional. We have so many great things about ourselves to share and help other people to grow. This is supposed to be how the world works, as I know and read about it (my opinion). Writing, I have always loved, but not as much as I do now.

 I love when the mind takes us to safe places of thoughts that make us realize we are more of a person than we even believe. We are blessed beyond measure and often times miss the mark or that moment just passes by like the wind. You feel it; cannot catch it or stop it in its path. Life is just like that, isn’t it? How many times have you had a thought to do or say something and poof, it’s gone. Whatever takes it place can become your life-altering moment. Did you realize that? Every moment is important in your life. Every experience, positive or negative is important in your life. Don’t miss out on your poof-moments.

This is what writers do.  They think and think, and even when the thinking is turned off for a relaxing time, the mind is still working. Thoughts and pictures of things are always there. It’s a wonderful way to create and seeing ideas formulate as the task begins. This is exactly what happens when I am decorating a space. I see it before I do it. So, the ideas are formulated, and I take it from there. I write a lot (notes to remember stuff, ideas and life).  Life and lifestyle is what I write about,  and decorating is life as you live within it surroundings. All of us have opinions about most everything. These thoughts can be monumental for us or can stifle us. Writing things down about who you are helps you to take full notice of the gifts and challenges that God has set upon you. We grow and grow as long as we live. We never stop growing in learning about how we can make a difference in this world. We all can, you know. attitude changes everythingThis is exactly why we are here. What is your gift? Find out and use it. Every living person in this world has a gift of some sort. Seek it out. You have an obligation to share it with others. As a decorator, I helped people see beyond a chair in this corner, or a wall painted white or a particular color, or wood floor vs a rug. As a writer, I hope to awaken your imagination to something that you are excited about. People often times base their life and lifestyle on someone else’s. There used to be a television program called….This Is Your Life…., and the host would surprise someone with people they hadn’t connected with in a very long time. It was always happiness that ensued. This is what your life can and should be. We all face things that make us happy and/or sad. It’s a fact of life. Humans are just like that. It’s a gift, because we can see how far we have come from some of our experiences which happened yesterday or 30 or 40 years ago. This is life altering, when you can move onward; it doesn’t mean to forget, but it means to not get bogged down with those things you cannot control. The truth be told, that is EVERYTHING IN LIFE.

We, the people do not control ANYTHING at all. We do not breathe on our own. It’s life being given to us every single day, and not through a mortal person. Some people, sad but true have a machine that keeps their lungs moving. But still, that’s a gift that someone invented that machine for this very purpose. This is all Godly moments that I refer to in this blog. And, because the words have come so easily and the time of awakening was just right, I had to write it NOW.

Here’s a life altering change for some who are saying aloud or thinking….”I have no life altering moments. Nothing in my past or my future (that I can see) would Remake Kitchen Chairsindicate that”.  Well, I am here to say and reassure you that you have had one today as you read this blog. You will think about who you are, what God has given you (didn’t He wake you up this morning)? That alone is the big. There are other gifts you have for now. Today, you may be the best at a particular thing, but tomorrow it could change. Someone else would possibly take up that mantle. Well, I know I have a keen eye for color and quite daring when it comes to making changes in the home. I love the adventure of trying a new idea (could be placement of furniture, color on a wall, flooring, etc.). I want something different, not the same look I have grown out of.  Thus, I decided to make a change to the chairs in my home(see attached picture). Everything in your life/style can be changed to represent your attitude of who you are, what you like and how you relate to the change. This happens through all phases of life, except with my family. I love them forever, never get tired of them, and pray to have them in my life for a long time to come.

As the time comes, I will continue Life Altering Journey – Part 2. I hope you enjoy this read and have some aha moments of personal discovery. Please feel free to communicate with me. I would really like to know what you learned from this post. Send to:


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BE TRUE TO YOURSELF (don’t be fooled by life’s encounters & boundries)

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Be True to Yourself (don’t be fooled by life’s encounters and boundries)  (1) You have a place in this world and an obligation to tell others about your gift. You say you don’t know how to find it. Think about what you are really good at now, what you enjoy doing the most, or the thousands of things that are open to you and for you. Everyone has a gift which to share with the rest of the world (if they choose). Don’t say that you’re not good at anything in particular. That is totally wrong. YOU HAVE A GIFT. No one on this earth is void of a specialty. It’s just that it isn’t always readily discovered. Sometimes, people have more than one gift. In fact, I believe that is the norm (in my humble opinion).  Maybe, you like to work with numbers, or build a house or decorate a room (I love it), etc. I know people who love to paint walls, build stuff (like me), and paint/draw (my husband). These are gifts. Share your new knowledge with friends and family.  Now this gift is not for you to sit on, but to do something very positive when using it, and share with others. At times others see your gift before you do. What is your passion? What do you enjoy doing a lot? Maybe somewhere in there is your gift/passion. Give it some real thought, what can you do with the information you find? This is probably your gift, or at least close to it. You may have to continue your search to get it right. It could be more than one gift, so watch out. Don’t get overwhelmed and full of anxiousness about finding what you’re really good at, and how you’ll work with it for yourself. Ask your friends and relatives what they think you do really well. Some may think you are great at something in particular.

Perhaps, you sing great, or are a wonderful teacher of music, or dance. You may be a great speech-maker or a greeter making others feel welcome. You may say you don’t know what your gifts are. I feel comfortable you’ll probably find out you have several, not just one. You may do one better at one than the other, but nonetheless, they are your gifts. (2) As a decorator-writer, I  love to see people think outside of their comfort box when it comes to decorating. They should write down what their ideas are, so they can elaborate on how they will use the ideas in their present space. Of course, you know if you do the same thing the same way all the time, you’ll get the same results. (3) I sometimes consult with homeowners to help them discover a look that speaks of their personas and lifestyle may be easily implemented. (4) exploring ideas that say something about the residents residing within the space. (5) I didn’t always know that this was what I loved to do. It came by asking myself questions and looking for answers. It requires me to come outside of my “safe” box to see exactly who I am. However, some people never come out of their box, therefore, they end up searching repeatedly for what is important about them. The answer is ..Just because you are a creative person doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be Aware and True to Yourself (do not give up or give in)! Keep growing, keep growing. It will take a short amount of time or a possibly a lifetime.

I love to help others discover their decorating styles. I recently made a shoe accessory stand, as well as an entertainment center (see pictures above). I am enjoying my additional gifts recenty discovered. Believe me or not, EVERY SINGLE PERSON has gifts that needs to be encouraged. Some sing, dance and are great writers,  are profound public speakers, some have great imaginations and make great writers, some are great mathematicians, some are genuine people-persons. Every single person has been born and given a gift; a gift that is a positive in helping others. Then, be encouraging in helping someone else find theirs.

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How Shalt the Rental House Be Treated? (The Rules Of Being A Great Tenant)

Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting - OB Euro Living for Easy DaysHOW SHALT THE RENTAL HOUSE BE TREATED?  (The Rules of Being A Great Tenant). There are no hard or fast rules about how ‘the rental house’ shall be treated except the need for the renter(s)  to keep it in good condition, and take care of it as if it were their own. Maybe, that is the wrong approach, but I have faith in people. I believe that people care and are grateful when they receive a clean and attractive space to live in. I would not readily believe that anyone would abuse the opportunity on purpose. But, maybe I’m wrong!

This topic is referred to because of the experience I had awhile back, hence the title of this blog, HOW SHALT THE RENTAL HOUSE BE TREATED? (The Rules of Being A Great Tenant) This blog has come about due to a conversation I had with someone thinking about purchasing property, fixing it and renting it out.  Putting forth an effort into making a place so welcoming, homey and comfortable would be very attractive to someone seeking such a home space. They would jump to the keep it in pristine condition. I cannot say this is what occurred in my experience, but just suffice to say, it wasn’t pretty. I must add, this didn’t happen recently, so I’m over it. However, I wanted to write this blog, so I thought I’d share some early information in order to bring you up to this period of time. I must add that I believe that homeowners who are renting space shall provide the renter with quality space to live as well.

I guess it was because in my personal experience, I was truthful and the renter was not. Although, I checked references, etc. I realized it’s easy to give names of people who will sing the praises of another person. This is exactly what occurred in my instance.  Anyway, long story, short. One of the main rooms in the home was completely destroyed with animal urine down to the concrete of the floor (meaning destroying a beautiful, plush rug) and which left an odor that was unbearable. Well, no selling the house at that particular time. I was left wondering were we too nice, trust the people too much, or were we just a little naïve?

During this time our life plans changed, and we had to move due to work changes.  We had the experience of renting a home and settling in. Once accomplished, we would then start looking for another home. Bitter sweet experience at the time; many great memories. We didn’t think of anything else except to keep it in good condition. The owner was wonderful, and I thought if ever we are in this position (oh, we were, weren’t we)?  I know how I wanted my home treated. And so, it happened. The transcription of this message is starting from the end to the beginning.

So, how did we come to this disaster? It’s not very recently, but I think about it often when others talk about their rental property. All I know is that my husband and I, owners at one time of a rental home had been disappointed to the maximum. As you see, I still think about it from time to time. I recently talk to someone who has had fabulous experience with their renters. I love to hear this. I keep thinking what did we do wrong. We checked as many reference as we could. It just begs to think about it when someone tells me about their ‘great renters’. I am so happy for them, and pray their experience will stay just that way. To me, it doesn’t matter whether it happened today, yesterday or years ago. I believe that most owners rent their space with good intentions to the renter and have thoughts of what they would like if they were the ones renting. Now, I know this isn’t written in stone, so there are exceptions.

I believe that people are of good heart, and they mean no harm. Somehow, I have run across people who get in an uproar when you state the rules of the house (not telling them how to live). I am talking about the rules the landlord shares with the tenant. If it unreasonable, I believe the person leasing the property should voice and ask questions so that all parties will be on the same page. Am I wrong in stating this? The owners shall voice what they would like the tenants to observe, and what would break the rules. It’s a matter of agreement and all parties should be on the same page at the same time throughout the lease time. It’s amazing how some people do not even respect the space they will live in. It does always come back to…. how would anyone want to be treated by others, and how would anyone wish their possessions used by another to be cared for? I guess if someone doesn’t care much about what they own, who they are or how they live, then I should not expect them to take care of what is offered to them on a temporary basis.

How Shalt the Rental House Be Treated? I do hope the way the renter would want to be treated living in the space. The owners have a obligation of providing a space that is really liveable and pleasant to be in to the renter. In other words ……. ‘do unto others as we would have others do unto us’. This is perfect and affects every one of us as we share and live in this world together. Happy Living!