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• In this Aug. 2, 2013, file photo, a variety of foods labeled Gluten Free are displayed in Frederick, Md., Friday, Aug. 2, 2013. Starting this week, "gluten free" labels on packaged foods have real meaning. Until now, the term "gluten free" had not been regulated, and manufacturers made their own decisions about what it means.

This is a great way to introduce gluten free foods that are being regulated and manufacturers.

AP Photo/Jon Elswick, File• In this Aug. 2, 2013, file photo, a variety of foods labeled Gluten Free are displayed in Frederick, Md., Friday, Aug. 2, 2013. Starting this week, “gluten free” labels on packaged foods have real meaning. Until now, the term “gluten free” had not been regulated, and manufacturers made their own decisions about what it means.

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As probably most of us, I have scaled down a little on the high fat foods I love to eat. Every slice of a rich, gooey piece of cake or pie is right up my alley. Do I still eat that type of food like I did when I was much younger? No, is my answer, and even if I were younger then I am, I wouldn’t indulge in that type of food anymore. Now, I will confess that I still do the cakes and pies that are beautiful to look at and even better to eat, but only now and then.


accentuate home styling and consulting

House Sitting: Live the High Life

New Form of House Sitting: Live-in Home Stagers Enjoy Fantasy Lifestyle

Published: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 12:01 a.m.

BRANT SANDERLIN | ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION CRAIG CRAFT works from home on his laptop in Atlanta. Through a program called Show Homes of Atlanta, Craft and his roommate live in a $1.6 million mansion for a fraction of the cost of rent.


Craig Craft only sleeps on the left side of his queen-sized bed so as not to unduly muss it up. Most of the toiletries in the bathroom are unopened, high-end hotel samples. The closet hangers are perfectly spaced and angled just-so. An orange-mandarin scent tickles the nostrils.

Each morning, at 7:30, Craft remakes the bed and places a mirrored tray with two crystal glasses and a Brandy decanter atop a faux mink blanket. He wipes clean bathroom counters and vacuums away carpet footprints.

Craft, a fastidious 43-year-old with a penchant for the high life, resides in Potemkin perfection inside a $1.7 million home. The house is for sale. But Craft is in no hurry to move out because he doesn’t own it. He just “manages” it.

Craft is part of a unique cadre of house sitters called on by real estate agents to help sell upscale yet slow-moving houses. The home-managing business boomed during the Great Recession as homes sat on the market for months, if not years. It slowed during the recovery but shows signs of again picking up, which doesn’t bode well for the residential market.

Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting brings this story to you as a look at how realtors make the homes for sale to represent a clean, but lived in atmosphere. It makes the potential buyers feel very comfortable as they peruse the home. This form of selling the home offers a way to imagine the home with a lived-in look, allowing the prospective buyers to get that true feeling of how it would be living there. The other reason I could see would be to safeguard the home from vandals as it awaits its new owners. I know when my husband was selling real estate, it was important that the house be kept fresh and clean while trying to find that perfect buyer. The home will stay in tip-top shape and not become a dusty mess while it sits vacant until someone purchases it. It’s great to see the home as it’s lived in, rather than empty, and permits the prospective buyer(s) to garner ideas of decorating, the use of color in the space, and how to get the most out of each room and the space afforded. The home will have a warmth it may not have if no one was occupying the home for a time. People will buy when they can feel the comfort of the home, and it signifies that the people there seem to enjoy the space. They then can imagine themselves in that same space with their personal items and colors that create a ‘Welcome Home’ feeling.

Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting offers consulting services to homeowners and realtors in staging the home. We collaborate with the owners, realtors and any designated person to make the house a welcome addition to the prospective buyers through the use of colors,  placement of furniture and added elements to make the home stand out as a desired piece of property for that perfect buyer to come along and purchase the home.

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Time….What would you say is important to accomplish in two minutes? Two minutes may seem like a short period (if there is something fun and exciting going on), or it can seem like an eternity. Either way, two minutes can make a difference in your life.

Time is our friend at times, and at other times, it can be our enemy. For example: you have two minutes to give a set of instructions to someone. Can you do it and that person clearly understands what it is you wish to have done? On the other hand, you may give the same two-minute explanation of something to be done, and there is not a clear understanding, causing many questions to follow. What was a two-minute communication suddenly turns into many minutes of explanation. We have all experienced this two-minute experience in both scenarios.

Why is this happening? Well, I know that every person hears and accepts information given to them differently.  So, as I said, one may hear clearly, and the other not so clearly. He/she may need additional information for clarity.

Two minutes ago, I decided to write this blog and return to working on my podcast. Did it work? No, because it took much longer to write about my two-minute rule. Simply the fact that I cannot accomplish these tasks I need to do in two minutes, but I can do some things in two minutes at a time. We all have time restrictions placed upon us due to our own decisions or someone else’s.  How do you relate to this time frame? Planning our time makes sense and brings order to our life and lifestyle. When we fail to plan each day, we usually fail to reach our goals. It doesn’t matter whether they are spoken goals or something that must take priority in an instant. Of course, we cannot plan the latter, because we didn’t expect it to happen.

I think in terms of working through anything I have to do. I like to plan things out in my mind, not necessarily on paper. However, things don’t always work out and two minutes goes by awfully fast. I’ve learned I accomplish more when I write things down in the order I wish to accomplish them. What about you?

1. Could you clean up your kitchen area in two minutes if you’re the only one using a small particular area? I bet you can. Try it. It would eliminate some clutter or mayhem. Yes, No or do you care?

2. What would be your two minute time frame that is important to you? Is it something you have to accomplish within your home, or is it an extension of your lifestyle? Is it something to do with another person? How will you feel if the outcome isn’t met in the two minutes or whatever the time frame? Do you think, “I’ll just re-do” (whatever it is) or possibly give yourself extra time now that you know two minutes wasn’t enough?

One of the things I think is fun to think about is…what if someone gives you only two minutes to tell them the most important things about yourself according to their importance? Can you do it? It would mean to describe yourself by those very things that are important for someone to know about you.

Clutter of the mind What about your home? Someone is dropping by, and you feel that the space could stand a little checkup. Could you straighten up your space in two minutes? Yes, I could. If there were small things (like magazines, books or some papers), you can put them in another room until they can be put away. Would you use your two minutes to change the look of the space in a particular room? Would you just stay put and let the two minutes go by as you waited it out, or would you find yourself in a stress moment for those two minutes? It’s really hard to be sure how you’d react. It depends on the circumstances and who is visiting. Correct?  Instant reactions and decisions, right or wrong would be involved in how you responded at the outset.

My point is we get more than two minutes most times, but we often make our decisions on the fly.  Sometimes with things that can/will affect our life, we need to use our two minutes and any extra afforded us. We just use a 1/2 second to 1 minute to make decisions when we should take our full two minutes. Sometimes, we need a lot more time than that. What do you think? Then, there are times when we go over our two minutes by 20 or 30 minutes before an answer appears. We need to identify what is important and what isn’t.

Do not stress reading this. I wanted to write about this, because I experience some of these very positions using the two minute rule. The question being: What Would Be Important to Accomplish in Two Minutes? My answer: What you can.. I believe it’s more important to be yourself, be accepted for the great person you are and know that sometimes you make your two minute rule and other times you will not. NO WORRY…there’s always tomorrow. By the way… emergency task at home or in your lifestyle… think which the priority is and do that. It only took two minutes or less to make this decision.  Eliminate the stress of trying to always live in a two-minute timeframe.

Share this with your family, friends and co-workers. It’ll only take TWO MINUTES. Thanks!

Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting

Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting

Linguine with Manila Clams – Great Eating

spaghetti with clam sauceLinguine with Manila Clams

10 oz. Cucina Fresca Linguine
2 Tbsp. olive oil
4 Tbsp. chopped fresh Italian parsley
1 tsp. chopped fresh oregano or 1/2 teaspoon dried
3 dozen Manila clams, soaked in ice water for about 1 hour*
1/3 cup dry white wine
1 Tbsp. chopped garlic
Pinch thyme
Crushed red bell pepper to taste

Combine clams, wine, garlic, crushed red pepper and thyme in large saute pan or pot. Cover and boil until clams open; about 8 minutes (discard any that do not open). Taste the broth and adjust seasoning with salt and black pepper as needed.

Cook linguine in large pot of boiling salted water until just tender but still firm. Strain. Place in large bowl. Mix in oil, 2 tablespoons parsley and oregano.

Top linguine with clams and broth. Garnish with remaining chopped parsley.

* Soaking clams in ice water will help remove sand from inside the clam.
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What’s Your Latest Achievement?








What came to mind as you read the title and the graphic to your left? Hopefully, inspiration and a plan to turn any negatives you face into positives.


Here’s a quote that will get you thinking about setting goals and looking ahead to reaching goals.



“The battle of life is, in most cases, fought uphill; and to win it without a struggle were perhaps to win it without honor. If there were no difficulties there would be no success; if there were nothing to struggle for, there would be nothing to be achieved.” Author: Samuel Smiles


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Today, I want to share something that your local builder and/or building inspector would be expected to do when there is major work done to the home or you are buying a home.  This is some of what they would be checking out. All my information is from Home Improvement 1-2-3 (Meredith Books).



*    There are building codes to be followed and may be a little confusing to the do-it-yourselfer. They say only one wire under each screw on a receptacle or switch. It doesn’t seem like two wires are more dangerous than one, but the code writers have seen one too many fires caused by the second wire popping out from under the screw.

*    If using foam insulation and then cover with wood paneling, you have to put drywall over the foam first. Why? Foam insulation produces thick black smoke in a fire and drywall wall delays the spread of fire, giving you time to get out.

*   Outlets are to be every 6 feet along walls, but every  2 feet along kitchen counters due to the length of appliance cords – they’re shorter on toasters than lamps.

*   Do the right thing from the start.  Find out what is required, know what to expect. It’s important to check things out also, because fire codes do change and local codes can be even more stringent then national codes. It’s you job to know what needs to be done, or contact the agency that can help you understand. Not having things checked out could possible put you in danger.  If you decide to do this code work yourself, and an inspector has the necessity to check out, or there is some problem where you must call them or an electrician, you may be asked to tear it out and start over and a house cannot be sold until everything is up to code by a licensed electrician and meets the city code (wherever you love).

*  Check with your municipality building inspector beforehand and find out what the local standards are you must meet. Ask them what the procedure is to get things going. Perhaps you may have to get your home wiring inspected (even if you are presently living there).  I believe this is important due to the fact that as a house gets older and older, so does the wiring. Be Safe…….Not Sorry.

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Too Much Time & Not Enough Money OR Too Much Money & Not Enough Time!

moeny is time Which of these statements apply to you? One rule would be to only pick one; no middle ground :) If I were to answer, I might definitely pick the first option. There’s definitely not enough time in a day to complete those things we want to do, need to do or want to do…..and especially NOT enough money to do it all. What about you? I would love to hear from you regarding this question. Comment on our website at .

Are you a person that wishes for more time in a day in order to achieve your goals? You may not be too concerned about monetary issues, but lack of time is definitely an issue. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day to accomplish your goals. However, not being able to do those tasks at hand may cause you a feeling of defeat and possibly lessens the possibilities of a feeling of accomplishment and lose money at the same time.  Where do you fall between these these issues?

What I have heard is that ‘time is money’. How true is this statement? It appears that this statement is true in various aspects. If you have someone come to work on/in your home or fix something that is broken, time is definitely a factor. The longer it takes, the more it costs. And, when you have money to do the things you want to do without much concern, there may not be enough time to really fit it all in. I’m talking about enjoying life. Why? When money is plentiful, there is always the need to keep it coming, so there is not a lot of time to enjoy home life or personal life (this doesn’t apply to everyone). It’s all about making certain the income doesn’t stop or decrease. This not only encompasses home, but lifestyle as well. The lifestyle may be drawn to working at bringing money in and not stopping to enjoy life (as we should). All things fade away, even all the things that make us feel comfortable and secure. You may pay someone to assist in keeping your interior space as you desire (it could also be your office space as well). You have the money to do so, but are you now using that spare time to accomplish those things that need to get done or taking the time to learn about yourself and others in your life every day (that never stops)?

Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting Sun Room DecorI am putting these two statements in the concept of accomplishing those things necessary to keep your interior space in an orderly manner, or working on yourself to feel that the week has been prosperous for you in many ways. Money is great, but if there is little satisfaction of accomplishment regarding yourself, your  home and other personal and professional goals you may eventually feel saddled down trying to meet these expectations. I do firmly believe that once we figure out what’s important to our positive growth then other things will fall into place. We need to give ourselves a chance, set the marks that are reachable (for our own satisfaction- not for someone else to judge).  It’s true that money is great  to have and necessary in our day-day life. It keeps a roof over our heads, provides for us to acquire food for sustenance. So, it gives us a lot to think about. Should we change how we look at our home and lifestyle, or forge ahead? I say money is important to living, but not necessary for us to live for money. All things are temporary, including money, so we have to keep a level head and determine for ourselves which is most important and vital to our day-day achievements. Is too much time & not enough money driving you, or too much money & not enough time causing havoc for you? Find that great balance to bring you comfort and calm. Each is equal to a satisfying home, life and personal lifestyle. Where is the balance for you? We would really like to hear from you.  Please sign up for our blog, All About Home or All About Living and receive our blog posts as we create them.

Until then, have a very fruitful week and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.


Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting


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Thank You….Goes a Long Way

Clutter of the mindDo you believe in saying ‘thank you’ when something nice is done for you or you receive a compliment?  I ask this, because it’s so easy for any of (us) to assume people ”owe” you/I something in someway.  I have so much faith in my readership that I know you will help me grow our blog by sharing it with others. Thank you in advance, and please ask others to share with their family, friends and neighbors.  This particular blog is my way to say ‘thanks’ to anyone and everyone who reads our blogs. We appreciate you.

Please note that we are trying to start a subscriber service for our blogs and would like for you to sign up. This would be great, as we know you want to receive our blogs. We cannot say enough about the big part you play in growing Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting. This gentle way of having a conversation is wonderful. I love writing, and I hope to provide you subject matter that definitely interests you, as I want you to keep coming back. You may sign up at the bottom part of this page. Thanks You!

The best of days to you.




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Discover Your Space & Make It Your Own


paint colors



Wow, life is awesome! It has all kinds of new life discoveries. If you’re aware, you will realize there is something new to learn every single day of your life.  Yes, every day!

What could that possibly be?


Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting - OB Euro Living for Easy Days


1.   You could… Meet a new person who will share information that may bring you new discoveries.

2.    You could….Travel to a place you’ve not been before and make new discoveries.

3.    You could….Read a book that teaches you something new or about yourself for a personal discovery.

4.    You could….Think about trying something different for your home space.

5.    You could….Share thoughts & experiences with others to lift their level of knowledge about life’s possibilities.

kitchen chairs6.   You could….Test yourself by trying different decorating concepts and colors within your space. What colors do you like, what designs work for you?

Would you apply more than one color to your wall project? Would you decorate outside of your comfort box? Perhaps, try one thing you hadn’t tried before.             bedroom#2-1

We’ll even help you update furnishings (see chairs & dresser) with a fun, colorful look. It brings life to the space and the colors that would be used to provide something different, yet provide a look that is still comfortable.

This blog is all about discoveries. Accentuate Home Styling is available to assist you with furniture placement, selections and colors for the best results. We’ll help you build on what your imagination sees as well as feel comfortable with the choices made. You’ll claim the space and make it your own. If you are planning on selling your home you must set a tone of comfort, fun and space in your decorating scheme. This is what people seeking to purchase a home are looking for. You want the perspective buyers to feel great in the space and imagine themselves living in that space.

Let me tell you about my direction.  Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting are interior decorators investing time and energy in helping our clients to decorate, explore colors for your walls and decor. We encourage you to be open to try new decorating ideas for your space.

Staged homes when selling your home is important. Whether you or your realtor are selling the home, you will want to bring out the best of the room space and possibilities. The size and decorating abilities are really important for a quick sale.  We cater to introducing our clients to colors and styles they hadn’t necessarily experienced before. I love my company, and my desire is to provide information to all about trying different things within the home and/or lifestyle.  When taking this approach it’s a great discovery of things you may not know or have experienced before. Why not discover your space and make it your own!

Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting

Eyes Tell A Story..What Is Yours?

Today, I’ve been really thinking about what I could write about that would focus on what I enjoy a lot. That is decorating and fashion, but mostly anything to do with colors or the use of colors. What one thing could you do right now that could make a difference to any room in your home? I know you may be thinking of cost first and then….what you would like to do or purchase. All I want you to do right now is focus. Yes, focus your eyes on every part of the room and note exactly what the ‘story’ is in that space. The individual rooms in your home all have a story behind the way or reason they are decorated or not decorated. Eyes tell a story…What is yours?

#3 I thought for this blog to concentrate on some rooms within the home. There is so much that can be done to your space that makes it ‘speak to you’. When others see it, they say ‘it’s definitely you’. Of course, you smile. That’s the compliment you want to hear and makes you know you picked all the right things for your space. Of course, it does reflect upon you, and a lot of people decorate with colors, shapes and designs that they like. It’s what makes them feel comfortable and shall I say ‘happy’. Think about when you walk into a space that has colors you like and is decorated comfortably. Think about what room you enjoy being in the most. Why, I ask do you like this space so much? Now, think about a space you’ve been in that didn’t feel good when you walked in. What was it that changed your mood or put you in a not-so-great mood? These things do happen, you know.

bathroom1 I love space that has color of some sort. Now, don’t get me wrong. A strong, solid white with color trim is gorgeous to me. Or, visa-versa; a color wall or decor with pure white accents (not off white), but a strong, stark white. It makes me want to spend time in that space. It relaxes me, and I just love color. Now I know that everyone doesn’t like color or care for it much. I understand that to some degree. On the other side of this, I don’t quite understand it, since we all see in color. And, if we cannot (due to poor eyesight, etc), then we may imagine in color or black/white.

bedroom#2-1 Absolutely gorgeous to me. Then, there is color. I love color when it’s used to accent in a good way. To me, a room should make you feel good or happy when you walk into it. It’s not something I think has to be very obvious, but it just makes you feel good going into the space. I notice this often. When I walk into a home or office (for that matter), I take note of how I feel entering that space. It has a lot to do with the color, but also placement and spacual accents. Too many things in a given space may make you feel closed in, or your mood doesn’t seem the same. Could it be your surroundings? What is the space telling you? It’s silent, but you will know and recognize the language it speaks by how you feel in the space. It sort of reminds me about how ‘we’ feel when meeting a person for the first time. There is always a feeling or thought you get from that meeting. Isn’t this a fact? Perhaps you never even gave it much thought. And, what have I done? I’ve opened up that quiet door. it brought you in and now you will get these silent messages and feelings every time you walk into a room, be it in your home or someone else’s home. Of course, it could be any space at all. Check it out the next time you enter a space (maybe that you’ve not been in before). What is the feeling you received upon entering? What did you eyes see? What did your brain message say? Were you comfortable in that space or did you want to turn around and leave?

Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting Kitchen Remodel All that I’m saying is that we must be aware and keen to the messages our mind sends to us. This applies in many aspects of your life/lifestyle. Be aware of the messages your brain and body are providing you. It never lies.

2nd view fireplace

I think I love this topic so much that I will build a talk around it and share it at speaking engagements. It’s fun to talk about something that makes you smile, and I do so as I write this blog. I look around and am excited to see the colors surrounding me, but to share my thoughts and feelings is great. How about letting me hear what you think. You can fill out the form on our website, leave a comment or just send me an email.

Being an interior decorator, I love nothing more then to consult and assist in helping people discover their story concerning what colors, what look and style they enjoy (and didn’t know they liked) before that moment of discovery. Enjoy finding your new likes, and I encourage you to not be afraid to try something new in one of the rooms in your home. Just one! Now if you are a lover of colors and redistributing items for a newer look to your space, then you already made your discovery. Don’t be afraid. If you try a new look and you don’t like it, then it can be changed. Or, you may also contact me for a consultation. We can work online and through Skype, or make an appointment. Happy Moments of Discovery!