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Today, I want to share something that your local builder and/or building inspector would be expected to do when there is major work done to the home or you are buying a home.  This is some of what they would be checking out. All my information is from Home Improvement 1-2-3 (Meredith Books).



*    There are building codes to be followed and may be a little confusing to the do-it-yourselfer. They say only one wire under each screw on a receptacle or switch. It doesn’t seem like two wires are more dangerous than one, but the code writers have seen one too many fires caused by the second wire popping out from under the screw.

*    If using foam insulation and then cover with wood paneling, you have to put drywall over the foam first. Why? Foam insulation produces thick black smoke in a fire and drywall wall delays the spread of fire, giving you time to get out.

*   Outlets are to be every 6 feet along walls, but every  2 feet along kitchen counters due to the length of appliance cords – they’re shorter on toasters than lamps.

*   Do the right thing from the start.  Find out what is required, know what to expect. It’s important to check things out also, because fire codes do change and local codes can be even more stringent then national codes. It’s you job to know what needs to be done, or contact the agency that can help you understand. Not having things checked out could possible put you in danger.  If you decide to do this code work yourself, and an inspector has the necessity to check out, or there is some problem where you must call them or an electrician, you may be asked to tear it out and start over and a house cannot be sold until everything is up to code by a licensed electrician and meets the city code (wherever you love).

*  Check with your municipality building inspector beforehand and find out what the local standards are you must meet. Ask them what the procedure is to get things going. Perhaps you may have to get your home wiring inspected (even if you are presently living there).  I believe this is important due to the fact that as a house gets older and older, so does the wiring. Be Safe…….Not Sorry.

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Too Much Time & Not Enough Money OR Too Much Money & Not Enough Time!

moeny is time Which of these statements apply to you? One rule would be to only pick one; no middle ground :) If I were to answer, I might definitely pick the first option. There’s definitely not enough time in a day to complete those things we want to do, need to do or want to do…..and especially NOT enough money to do it all. What about you? I would love to hear from you regarding this question. Comment on our website at .

Are you a person that wishes for more time in a day in order to achieve your goals? You may not be too concerned about monetary issues, but lack of time is definitely an issue. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day to accomplish your goals. However, not being able to do those tasks at hand may cause you a feeling of defeat and possibly lessens the possibilities of a feeling of accomplishment and lose money at the same time.  Where do you fall between these these issues?

What I have heard is that ‘time is money’. How true is this statement? It appears that this statement is true in various aspects. If you have someone come to work on/in your home or fix something that is broken, time is definitely a factor. The longer it takes, the more it costs. And, when you have money to do the things you want to do without much concern, there may not be enough time to really fit it all in. I’m talking about enjoying life. Why? When money is plentiful, there is always the need to keep it coming, so there is not a lot of time to enjoy home life or personal life (this doesn’t apply to everyone). It’s all about making certain the income doesn’t stop or decrease. This not only encompasses home, but lifestyle as well. The lifestyle may be drawn to working at bringing money in and not stopping to enjoy life (as we should). All things fade away, even all the things that make us feel comfortable and secure. You may pay someone to assist in keeping your interior space as you desire (it could also be your office space as well). You have the money to do so, but are you now using that spare time to accomplish those things that need to get done or taking the time to learn about yourself and others in your life every day (that never stops)?

Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting Sun Room DecorI am putting these two statements in the concept of accomplishing those things necessary to keep your interior space in an orderly manner, or working on yourself to feel that the week has been prosperous for you in many ways. Money is great, but if there is little satisfaction of accomplishment regarding yourself, your  home and other personal and professional goals you may eventually feel saddled down trying to meet these expectations. I do firmly believe that once we figure out what’s important to our positive growth then other things will fall into place. We need to give ourselves a chance, set the marks that are reachable (for our own satisfaction- not for someone else to judge).  It’s true that money is great  to have and necessary in our day-day life. It keeps a roof over our heads, provides for us to acquire food for sustenance. So, it gives us a lot to think about. Should we change how we look at our home and lifestyle, or forge ahead? I say money is important to living, but not necessary for us to live for money. All things are temporary, including money, so we have to keep a level head and determine for ourselves which is most important and vital to our day-day achievements. Is too much time & not enough money driving you, or too much money & not enough time causing havoc for you? Find that great balance to bring you comfort and calm. Each is equal to a satisfying home, life and personal lifestyle. Where is the balance for you? We would really like to hear from you.  Please sign up for our blog, All About Home or All About Living and receive our blog posts as we create them.

Until then, have a very fruitful week and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.


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Thank You….Goes a Long Way

Clutter of the mindDo you believe in saying ‘thank you’ when something nice is done for you or you receive a compliment?  I ask this, because it’s so easy for any of (us) to assume people ”owe” you/I something in someway.  I have so much faith in my readership that I know you will help me grow our blog by sharing it with others. Thank you in advance, and please ask others to share with their family, friends and neighbors.  This particular blog is my way to say ‘thanks’ to anyone and everyone who reads our blogs. We appreciate you.

Please note that we are trying to start a subscriber service for our blogs and would like for you to sign up. This would be great, as we know you want to receive our blogs. We cannot say enough about the big part you play in growing Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting. This gentle way of having a conversation is wonderful. I love writing, and I hope to provide you subject matter that definitely interests you, as I want you to keep coming back. You may sign up at the bottom part of this page. Thanks You!

The best of days to you.




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Discover Your Space & Make It Your Own


paint colors



Wow, life is awesome! It has all kinds of new life discoveries. If you’re aware, you will realize there is something new to learn every single day of your life.  Yes, every day!

What could that possibly be?


Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting - OB Euro Living for Easy Days


1.   You could… Meet a new person who will share information that may bring you new discoveries.

2.    You could….Travel to a place you’ve not been before and make new discoveries.

3.    You could….Read a book that teaches you something new or about yourself for a personal discovery.

4.    You could….Think about trying something different for your home space.

5.    You could….Share thoughts & experiences with others to lift their level of knowledge about life’s possibilities.

kitchen chairs6.   You could….Test yourself by trying different decorating concepts and colors within your space. What colors do you like, what designs work for you?

Would you apply more than one color to your wall project? Would you decorate outside of your comfort box? Perhaps, try one thing you hadn’t tried before.             bedroom#2-1

We’ll even help you update furnishings (see chairs & dresser) with a fun, colorful look. It brings life to the space and the colors that would be used to provide something different, yet provide a look that is still comfortable.

This blog is all about discoveries. Accentuate Home Styling is available to assist you with furniture placement, selections and colors for the best results. We’ll help you build on what your imagination sees as well as feel comfortable with the choices made. You’ll claim the space and make it your own. If you are planning on selling your home you must set a tone of comfort, fun and space in your decorating scheme. This is what people seeking to purchase a home are looking for. You want the perspective buyers to feel great in the space and imagine themselves living in that space.

Let me tell you about my direction.  Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting are interior decorators investing time and energy in helping our clients to decorate, explore colors for your walls and decor. We encourage you to be open to try new decorating ideas for your space.

Staged homes when selling your home is important. Whether you or your realtor are selling the home, you will want to bring out the best of the room space and possibilities. The size and decorating abilities are really important for a quick sale.  We cater to introducing our clients to colors and styles they hadn’t necessarily experienced before. I love my company, and my desire is to provide information to all about trying different things within the home and/or lifestyle.  When taking this approach it’s a great discovery of things you may not know or have experienced before. Why not discover your space and make it your own!

Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting

Eyes Tell A Story..What Is Yours?

Today, I’ve been really thinking about what I could write about that would focus on what I enjoy a lot. That is decorating and fashion, but mostly anything to do with colors or the use of colors. What one thing could you do right now that could make a difference to any room in your home? I know you may be thinking of cost first and then….what you would like to do or purchase. All I want you to do right now is focus. Yes, focus your eyes on every part of the room and note exactly what the ‘story’ is in that space. The individual rooms in your home all have a story behind the way or reason they are decorated or not decorated. Eyes tell a story…What is yours?

#3 I thought for this blog to concentrate on some rooms within the home. There is so much that can be done to your space that makes it ‘speak to you’. When others see it, they say ‘it’s definitely you’. Of course, you smile. That’s the compliment you want to hear and makes you know you picked all the right things for your space. Of course, it does reflect upon you, and a lot of people decorate with colors, shapes and designs that they like. It’s what makes them feel comfortable and shall I say ‘happy’. Think about when you walk into a space that has colors you like and is decorated comfortably. Think about what room you enjoy being in the most. Why, I ask do you like this space so much? Now, think about a space you’ve been in that didn’t feel good when you walked in. What was it that changed your mood or put you in a not-so-great mood? These things do happen, you know.

bathroom1 I love space that has color of some sort. Now, don’t get me wrong. A strong, solid white with color trim is gorgeous to me. Or, visa-versa; a color wall or decor with pure white accents (not off white), but a strong, stark white. It makes me want to spend time in that space. It relaxes me, and I just love color. Now I know that everyone doesn’t like color or care for it much. I understand that to some degree. On the other side of this, I don’t quite understand it, since we all see in color. And, if we cannot (due to poor eyesight, etc), then we may imagine in color or black/white.

bedroom#2-1 Absolutely gorgeous to me. Then, there is color. I love color when it’s used to accent in a good way. To me, a room should make you feel good or happy when you walk into it. It’s not something I think has to be very obvious, but it just makes you feel good going into the space. I notice this often. When I walk into a home or office (for that matter), I take note of how I feel entering that space. It has a lot to do with the color, but also placement and spacual accents. Too many things in a given space may make you feel closed in, or your mood doesn’t seem the same. Could it be your surroundings? What is the space telling you? It’s silent, but you will know and recognize the language it speaks by how you feel in the space. It sort of reminds me about how ‘we’ feel when meeting a person for the first time. There is always a feeling or thought you get from that meeting. Isn’t this a fact? Perhaps you never even gave it much thought. And, what have I done? I’ve opened up that quiet door. it brought you in and now you will get these silent messages and feelings every time you walk into a room, be it in your home or someone else’s home. Of course, it could be any space at all. Check it out the next time you enter a space (maybe that you’ve not been in before). What is the feeling you received upon entering? What did you eyes see? What did your brain message say? Were you comfortable in that space or did you want to turn around and leave?

Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting Kitchen Remodel All that I’m saying is that we must be aware and keen to the messages our mind sends to us. This applies in many aspects of your life/lifestyle. Be aware of the messages your brain and body are providing you. It never lies.

2nd view fireplace

I think I love this topic so much that I will build a talk around it and share it at speaking engagements. It’s fun to talk about something that makes you smile, and I do so as I write this blog. I look around and am excited to see the colors surrounding me, but to share my thoughts and feelings is great. How about letting me hear what you think. You can fill out the form on our website, leave a comment or just send me an email.

Being an interior decorator, I love nothing more then to consult and assist in helping people discover their story concerning what colors, what look and style they enjoy (and didn’t know they liked) before that moment of discovery. Enjoy finding your new likes, and I encourage you to not be afraid to try something new in one of the rooms in your home. Just one! Now if you are a lover of colors and redistributing items for a newer look to your space, then you already made your discovery. Don’t be afraid. If you try a new look and you don’t like it, then it can be changed. Or, you may also contact me for a consultation. We can work online and through Skype, or make an appointment. Happy Moments of Discovery!

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Long, Hot, Dog Days of Summer…They’re Coming!



Hi there, summer is almost officially here, and with it comes some hot, hot, hot weather. Sometimes so hot, it’s hard to breathe. So, what are your plans for these dog days of summer (I wonder where that saying comes from), and by the way,  I love dogs. Summer will be here faster then we can say it (not literally). Will you be spending more time in your home or outside? It gets so hot and sometimes hard to feel comfortable in your own skin. Just walking  from your car as you run errands, or walking to and from the store can develop the feeling of being overwhelmed. Here are some thoughts to get you started and be ready for that first day when the temperatures and humidity are pretty much the same.

1.    Check out your doors and windows for any air leaks. Be conscious of the fact that these little cracks can cause you to have very high electric bills.

2.    Doing as much as you can in terms of ‘home tasks’ and running around before noon. That seems to be the hottest time of the day.

3,    Drink plenty of water all day. It’s better than the sugary drinks which only make you more thirsty (and, by the way, packs on the pounds).

4.    Wear light and loose clothing. The body will feel cooler.

5.    Freshen up and clean up your home space in the evening as the sun goes down OR early in the morning. Now enjoy your home space.

What To Do For Your Home 

Your home is an inanimate object. This means, of course, that it has no feelings. Whatever occurs within it and with it is only your doing and will reflect back on you. Take care of it and enjoy your space. It’s your place of refuge and should be a place of comfort. After all, summer is the name and being hot is the game of the season. Some places are hotter then others. One note is during the heat of the day, if at all possible shut your blinds and/or curtains to keep the sun from shining in and heating up the house. I am speaking about the hottest time of the day. It will keep the house pretty cool, and you can open the blinds later in the day as the sun leaves your side of the street. I do remember my Mom doing this when I was small. It made such a difference. Then, when the time was right, she’d open up everything and let the daylight shine into our home. When we lived in New York, we didn’t have a big air conditioner. We dealt with fans, and as you know, if you allow the heat to settle in, then the fan just swirls the hot air around.


Enjoy your summer, your days and your weeks. Be good to yourself and others. Your thoughtfulness will shine and others will notice. By Rita

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Here is a quote for you .Using this quote will give you a new beginning, a new feeling of achievement and the understanding and realization of how special you are in this world. Remember this, and share with others right here. You must keep moving.


“Don’t allow Inertia to take over your life. Instead, keep your eyes on what’s in front of you, your mind and imagination going forward and make your life and someone else’s something very special.” - Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting


Ralph Waldo Emerson says…”We are always getting ready to live, but never living.”




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Explore Life Over & Over. What Do You Get?

Accentuate Home Styling and Consulting WindowsWe’ve added a new category that we call Living Life. We will write about life moments from the our viewpoint of many angles. It may be when things come or appear together after some hard times of sacrifices and mental anguish. This is something we do not escape, because life is about learning and struggle is part of the lesson. We are to learn from others experiences and challenges, thus allowing for our own experiences and challenges. It is perfectly fine to recognize these things will occur in life on a pretty rapid basis. Note that we don’t get to choose most times what the uphill task or battle may be. We just know we have to be diligent and careful about how we approach our trials and tribulations.

Now, as owner of Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting and writer of this blog under the big heading of All About Living, I offer you a new sub-category that we will add to our subject matter, and it will be under the heading of LIVING LIFE as mentioned in our beginning sentence. It is something I believe fits in this whole picture of what I’m trying to bring to you.This blog is about Home and Lifestyle, because they go together. You cannot have one without the input of a person or persons, which is where the lifestyle comes in.

We can talk about Home first, because you require that roof, walls and doors to get you through to our next step of living. Home is where you live, come back to and should enjoy. Please do not make it the place where your stress level is way up there. It’s a place to relax and/or be creative. Enjoy your’s your space. Hopefully, you’ll agree with me on that. We have discussed how to feel good within the walls of your living space called ‘home’. It’s yours to decorate and make it create positive feelings and thoughts to you. Make your home a place of enjoyment with as little of the bad stress we carry around, smile when you think about entering the doors of this space, be excited about how it looks, enjoy colors and styles of furniture you feel comfortable with. Allow yourself to be calm and creative. Home doesn’t have to be this place that you struggle with everyday, because you cannot find the beauty within its walls. Make it beautiful, have it be the place that when you feeling a little down (as we all do from time to time), it will lift your spirits. Look forward to going home each day. Wherever it may be, it is up to you to bring a greater/positive atmosphere to your space through prayer or what you chosen to create this positiveness. Explore what you have and who you are. Get to like the choices made and not squabble about the choices that didn’t work out. Why? This is part of the lessons learned as we all grow. If we do not explore life over & over, then what do you get? You may receive little or nothing at all. We cannot ask or permit someone else to explore life for us, and then we reap the good things from it and they may end up getting things that are not for them. Our experiences make us stronger and wiser, therefore, vital to all growth.

What would you say then? Is Home ‘you’ or are you ‘home’. We’re talking about feeding into the space. Should you take charge of your space or should your space take charge over you? Which is it right now? You know we dealing with home today in this blog, but it carries over into other parts of our life as well. Make your home a place you really enjoy coming home to fore it’s ‘the best’ (or at least it should be). If not, what would it take? Think on a positive note. Look and see what part(s) you play. Is there positive or negative language that applies to your thinking? Do you bring yourself down by not exploring your life, your home and your results? If it Yes, then I am applauding you right now (hear the clapping), and if it’s No, then work at uplifting yourself first, and then home. Your surroundings, and your thinking represents your ‘happy’ side. Sort of like that song ‘HAPPY’ by Pharrell. This is what you receive in the end. And, it is also call ‘Blessings’!

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Has Clutter Moved In and Not Showing Signs of Leaving?

Clutter of the mind   081021f-clutter

Has clutter moved in with you and not showed any signs of leaving? What room has it taken over? Or, maybe not a room, but in your mind!…Or Could It Be Both! This is not scientific, but rather a thoughtful life lesson I see as a help to lessen our stress levels. I am not a doctor, but a writer whose thoughts flow outside ‘the box’ so that my writing may stretch itself to go beyond what is apparent.

This blog is my opinion about clutter. Just think when someone shows up uninvited and disturbs the flow you had going with whatever you were doing. It throws you off, and now your concentration is on that person (as it should be). However, the visit may prevent you from going on with whatever you were doing or about to do. Suddenly, as wonderful as it is to see that person, it may be an inconvenience and thus, cause your mind to become a little cluttered with what you are not accomplishing in a timely manner. Now, if this isn’t the case, then that’s great. No clutter or just a little, because there is always things to be done, and we live with some clutter (of the mind). We are never clutter-free in our mind. It simply means we are always thinking about what we are doing, what needs to be done and how/when it will be accomplished. We can control the clutter, but not be clutter free. This is my opinion..only!

I am of the mindset that these sometimes inconvenient visits become convenient visits. Why? Because it causes us to STOP and smell the roses. We are always on the go, from here to there and doing this or that. There are very few moments when we have time  to sit, relax and have ‘nothing’ to do. Someone shows up or calls you on the phone. It’s a welcome visit and make it that. If they come with clutter of the mind and need to talk, listen with interest, and do not let that become Your ‘Clutter of the Mind’, but rather have a conversation that will increase their peacefulness and comfort for both of you. Bring laughter into the situation by creating life views that make a situation not seem so heavy or doom/gloom. Laughter is a big thing, and we should use it whenever we can. It does wonders for us and our thoughts. I believe that my laughter often eliminates some of the clutter I may be working thru.

What is your clutter? When or how do you release it and get rid of it? Have you ever walked in a room and everything is everywhere. Do you stand there, a little perplexed, not knowing exactly where to begin? Don’t leave! The room is crying out. It needs order, and you need order. In my mind, I imagine that if the room had any feelings at all, it is relieved I am going to do something better in there. As a writer, I have a vivid imagination, so I imagine if the room could talk (funny, huh), it would say something like…” glad you decided to visit. It seemed you peek in and keep going. I need some order. If you provide me order, I will provide you peace of mind. I will take some of that clutter away from you. Otherwise, I will be right here tomorrow, and I may never leave. I have no problem staying here just as I am until you decided to make some changes to me”.

Of course, we know our space cannot speak to us. Our thoughts may be formed in knowing that something must be done to ‘fix the space’, and create a clear mind of enjoyment to being in that room. There is only cahos.  There is little or no organization. It makes me want to leave and not come back until some organization has come to that space. Who is going to bring order? If there is another kind person willing to help or do this chore for you? If so, enjoy, and if not, get busy! Thank them, because they bring order to your life by giving your space ‘life” again. So, where to begin if you have a clutter issue in your home or lifestyle? What can you do to get it under control? You can make a plan (on paper if you prefer) and get started. Perhaps, you only do a little at a time (so not to become overwhelmed) or you can hire someone to do it for you. Don’t forget, Accentuate Home Styling & Consulting works at helping you live in surroundings that take havoc out of your lifestyle. That’s us!  Start with a schedule or plan written down about how to approach this chore. But, get started and don’t end the process until it is decluttered. It is really a great feeling to look around and see some order to your living. Now, I confess my clutter is the garage, and today is the day, I am going to tackle it. Take a before and after picture when you start your project.

Your clutter of the mind, may be just that. Clutter of the mind. You are worried about all sorts of things. I used to worry about a lot of stuff and even take on the worries of friends and relatives. I felt it was my lot in life to be that helpful and genuine in this chore. Then one day, I gave my worries for everyone to GOD (this is my belief), and made a promise I wouldn’t worry about everyone’s problem, but rather pray for their issue to be taken care of. That is something I could do to help anyone. Sometimes the mind clutter is overbearing and the answers lie outside of our thinking processes. Mind clutter may produce real clutter that we see and feel in our life and lifestyle. Clutter is confusion at some level to me, so I have made the choice to not let it have any power over me. Good clutter is fine as it helps you create and be the person you strive to be in a less harmful way then worry that weighs you down and may become a health hazard.

DECLUTTER today. Send some of that clutter out of the mind by changing it to clutter that grows you in a healthy way. We all know there is positive and negative to all parts of our life and lifestyles. Look to work through whatever brings you down to recognize that which brings you up. We are all great human beings with much to offer. No one is any better or worse then anyone else. It’s only the clutter that gets in our head that causes us to make choices we make. Clean up that space in your life and lifestyle.

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Please Accept My Apologies

Row of documents sign. Information searching concept.

My Apologies to you for not being able to listen to the radio shows at this time. I will be reposting them, but we are in the process of making changes. I will start a new podcast soon called All About Living, and Accentuate will be producing them through our own website.

We had a programming issue with another podcast provider and have now decided to create our own podcast. We will have our previous podcast up and running as soon as possible, and will provide you new podcasts full of fun and information. We will keep you informed through our website when we will be up and running. In the meantime, we will continue to write our blogs about Home and Lifestyle. Please keep coming back, and we do hope to have our programming continuing very soon.





Our Best Wishes,



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